Sunday, June 10, 2007

Faith and Politics Backlash Among Evangelicals

Do you remember the story about Jesus in the temple when he turned over the money-changers tables because they were making a mockery of God's house? They call that righteous anger. That's anger you get when you see people use God for the wrong reasons. Well let's just say I had a bit of that fire in my heart this morning when I read this article. It's about the Evangelical right-wingers who have pretty much denounced the faith forum I talked about in the last post. Check out the article here. If you go read the article, be sure to read the comments. And Christians in the US wonder why non-believers don't feel loved by God. How could they?? Here are some choice quotes from the report/comments:

"Through carefully crafted questions and the responses -- mostly rehearsed -- of the candidates, the sponsoring group hoped to convince 'who knows who' that issues like world poverty and corporate CEO compensation packages trump the sanctity of human life, the sanctity of marriage and the family, and the public acknowledgement of God," Schenck declared. Schenck said CNN and Sojourners "conspired to create a fictional class of Christians -- so-called 'liberal evangelicals.'"

So apparently I'm ficitional. I suppose I should be more focused on sex-issues even though 1 in 3 children in the US (forgot where I heard that, sorry) live in poverty. Of course, that's exactly what Jesus would have done.

"If the Left can successfully redefine Christians to mean "Good" Christians tolerate and approve of homosexual marriage and abortion, while only "Bad" Christians are intolerant and disapprove, then they will have succeeded in redefining right from wrong, and morality as it has been traditionally known."

Because homosexual marriage and abortion are the most pressing moral issues of today. Much more important than people not having healthcare, not having livable wages, etc. I'd much rather make sure that gay couples can't get married then spend my time/effort making sure that everyone has a roof over thier head and food on the table. Afterall, God cares much more about the sanctity of marriage than, I don't know, keeping people alive and healthy. Wow. At least this person seemed to get it:

"How does Schneck get the ability to determine what is "mainstream values" and what is more important on the Christian agenda? Maybe what is important to him and a few fringe right wing elements is not important to the real mainstream- those of us who think being good citizens, fighting starvation and genocide, standing up for our fellow, less fortunate man, etc. Since when is "protection of traditional marriage" the most important? Who decided this and when, because I didn't get a vote. Don't act as if what a few people think is what all of us Christians think. "

He should probably tell that to this guy:

"Liberal Christian" is just another way of saying "the falling away of the elect". yes, there are denominations which have endorsed and welcomed unrepentant homosexuals. Yes, there are denominations which preach works based theology, preach Rick Warren type prosperity doctrine. They are NOT biblical, not in keeping with the bible but part of the great "falling away of the elect" foretold. they are "religious" however. Dead religion in fact...What is a "progressive christian" anyway? God's word does NOT change and evolve, and is that not what progressive means? Therefore to be a "progressive christian" is to be no christian at all, but one who claims the mantle of Christ without adhering to the Word whenever it suits. Then the liberals and socialists realized that their lack of religious credentials worked against them suddenly they adopted religious coloring."

Well, I left a comment there myself. Not a very nice one. And just so you know, for me, this isn't about me thinking I have it right and they have it wrong. It's just heartbreaking to see God's message perverted like it has been by many Christians, on BOTH sides of the political spectrum. So it looks like I have some extra praying to do.


Mark Kelly said...

Just for the record, Rick Warren does not preach a prosperity gospel. The idea that the Bible teaches such a view is, in his words, "baloney."

Lindsey said...
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Lindsey said...

Thanks for that Mark. When I read the comment I didn't know who Warren was.

Anonymous said...

hey linz
i see why you have me read your blog because i was offended... lol however although our polical views clash. To me the social issues need to be treated with lament and prayer rather than polital reform.