Thursday, March 6, 2008

Prosperity Gospel

Via TC, here is a video from John Piper. I don't know much about Piper or his ministry, so I have no basis on which to evaluate his theology (sauf what I can learn at wikipedia), but his video is interesting --to say the least. It's obviously made to stir up emotions, using the video medium to its fullest (less substance, more outrage)... but he does have a point. And it's one that I explored awhile back. Is it okay for Christians to be wealthy? Or more importantly, is the point of Christianity to acquire blessings (money, health, and prosperity). I'll agree with Piper that this should never be the point of following Christ. God is not a vending machine, and the "Prosperity Gospel" is going too far (cf, the craziness going down in Nigerian churches). But I still think there's something to be said about being entrusted as a steward of blessings. Anyway, watch the video. And, if you are out there (whoever may be reading, one never knows), I would love to know your thoughts (be you a fellow Christian or otherwise). Here it is:

I think it's worth it to read this from CT. It's about the rise of the Prosperity Gospel in Nigeria. It's almost frightening, like the PG is the "Christian" version of that stupid book The Secret (I meant to post my thoughts on that before, but it annoys me too much...maybe later).

The line I found the most intriguing: "[The PG] is elevating gifts above the Giver."

What do you think?

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