Monday, April 14, 2008

Stuff Christians Like...

So there's been some internet buzz around the new blog: Stuff White People Like. I've read a few posts, and yes, a few have hit close to home. Though, I'd like to think I'm not really a yuppy. But then I found this blog: Stuff Christians Like. Now they got me. If you have grown up in the Church, then you will probably find that blog pretty funny. It's okay to laugh, I promise, God won't smite you.

Some of my favorite posts are about...
And that's just to name a few. Too funny. The sad thing is, it's funny in a convicting kind of way... yikes. I should clarify, this is really "stuff white protestant Christians like"...but even if you're not one of those, you can take this opportunity to get a sneak peak into our alternate universe.

(it may be awhile before I get another serious post up...)

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